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It’s no secret that The Rose Carpet Media Group’s own, Kelaiah Rose Official, is all about the world of Fashion and Beauty as she Steps onto The Rose Carpet time after time to get exclusive interviews from brands all throughout the industry. As we take a look behind the scenes at the RelevancECOlogy event that took place at the Science Center in Orlando, Florida, we will take a look at how Kelaiah Rose’s look came together, along with how you can also get this look yourself! So let’s get started, Kelaiah Rose has a signature look for most events that take place on The Rose Carpet, and this event was no different. Coupled with a steady makeup combination, Rose is no stranger to obtaining the “look” that could command anyone’s attention at first glance.

As the Brand Ambassador for a local Atlanta, Georgia brand “iModel Hair,” Rose is usually always spotted on The Rose Carpet with one of her very own customized Brazilian bundle wigs, which she makes herself, and this event is no different. Rose decided to go a more artsy route without overpowering the look by pairing a mauve colored “Fashion Nova” bodycon silhouette dress, and paired  it with a purple and gold flower and jewel embroidered statement piece necklace. To not overpower her look, Rose skipped out on adding earrings to this look, which weren’t necessary to complete this look anyway. Although the statement neck piece stole the show, she did not allow the bling to stop there. Rose added a slim gold roped rhinestone bracelet, along with a very fashionable pair of gold and green rinestone “pineapple” sandles that Rose likes to refer to as her “Bikini Bottoms” due to them having a jeweled out pineapple in the center that resembles the popular Nickelodeon television show SpongeBob SquarePants, where the main character in the show, “Lives in a Pineapple under the Sea.” These conversation starter sandles were found at “Ross Dress for Less” in Orlando, Florida. See the source imageAlthough some of the pieces in this signature look may be a little hard to find, given the necklace was a gift from my Mom, Thanks Mom, and “Ross Dress for Less” being a department store you may have to make some slight alterations to this look. But of course I would never do a Beauty Breakdown without giving you a few jewels to take with you, check out this direct link to order the same dress pictured below from Fashion Nova! Now, I could cheat you out and stop there, but that’s just not how we Roll out The Rose Carpet! When it comes to a good baking session, Kelaiah Rose Official is no stranger, “Falling in love with makeup at an early age has allowed me to not be afraid to try new things, especially colors!” At the RelevancECOlogy event at the Orlando Science Center, Rose did just that. The event lined up perfectly with kicking off the summer festivities, and Rose followed suite with a colorful and festive summer makeup look that can easily transition to a nice brunch date, to a look that can take you to an amazing night on the town.

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Makeup Beauty Break Down, RelevancECOlogy Exibit


  • Full coverage primer – Fenty Beauty
  • Full coverage liquid foundation – Clinique Beyond Perfect “24 Golden (D-G)
  • Eyebrow Fill – Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow “Pomade – Soft Brown”
  • Eyebrow pencil – Wet n’ Wild Coloricon “623A – Brunette Do It Better”
  • Highlight – Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer “6.0” & “6.5”
  • Highlight/Contour Kit – Ulta Beauty Contour Kit
  • Eyeshawdows – NYX Happy Birthday Palette “UBP01”| Coastal Scents 88 Color Eyeshawdow Palette|MICA Beauty Shimmer Powder “Carnival”
  • Bake – Revolution Luxury Baking Powder “Terra Cotta”
  • Lips – Ulta Lipp & Cheek Color Stick “Peachy,” Wet n’ Wild “907C – Mauve Outta Here/ Rose Flamboyant, Topped with Too Faced Magical Crystal Transforming Lip Topper “Unicorn Tears”
  • Blush – Elf Blush Palette “#83314 Light #5G01MT”
  • Glow – Fenty Beauty “Trophy Wife”
  • Bronzer – ELF Sunkissed Glow Bronzer “23182 Warm Tan”
  • Finishing Spray – Ulta Beauty “Dewy”
  •  Eyelashes – Unknown Brand
  • Mascara – Clinique High Impact Mascara

Meet the Super Woman who is taking the Fashion Industry by Storm, Georgia Culp


The RelevancECOlogy event showcases many local artist who not only have an eye for the arts, but also are aware of the daily harm that is placed on the environment due to basic human mannerisms, such as not recycling and wasting recyclable goods. Join Kelaiah Rose, CEO of The Rose Carpet Media Group as she Steps onto The Rose Carpet with Orlando Fashion Designer, Georgia Culp.20180602_201644 While always having a passion for fashion, Georgia Culp embodies all things fabulous with an artistic flare at the RelevancECOlogy event in Orlando, Florida. Georgia Culp is a woman on a mission to make a statement worth making. Beginning her career in a costume warehouse where she assisted in the creation and structure of extravagant costumes, Culp got her first taste of the fashion industry while working in a costume warehouse where she participated in creating and building extravagant costumes for clients. Once Culp got a taste of the fashion world, and just how much there are no limitations to what you can do with fashion, it sparked a fire underneath hear that made her want to pursue a career in the fashion industry.Georgia Culp and Models Georgia Culp decided to not just dwell on loving fashion but she began to pursue fashion full force by enrolling herself into an undergraduate fashion program at Sanford Orlando Brown, where she received her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, which was a major milestone for Culp. While always being inspired by fashion, Georgia Culp happened to be invited to the “Trash to Trends” fashion show here in Orlando. The “Trash to Trends” fashion show is focused on local designers creating wearable fashions for models to walk the runway. All of the designs showcased at this event are made of recyclable goods, and began the spark of inspiration for Culp to be more eco-friendly in her designs and creations.

Georgia Culp and KRose by Magazine Dress
Join Orlando Fashion Designer, Georgia Culp, as she Steps onto The Rose Carpet with Kelaiah Rose Official. (video below)

Georgia Culp Recycle Designs

Georgia Culp now focuses her brand on wearable fashion because it is not just cost-effective, but it is also way better for the environment and preserving the planet. “We are tired of getting fabrics that are breaking down and going into the trash, when we should be buying pieces and paying for pieces that should last for years, because that’s the way it use to be,” says Culp as she explains the damages the fashion industry has placed on the environment with the lackluster quality of some fabrics and materials. After having her eyes opened and understanding how the world of fashion can change the mold of the industry, Georgia Culp decided to make her brand a brand that not just makes a statement, but also changes the world.

“Wearable fashion, that’s where it’s at,” she explains. “Now we live in a world of disposable fashion. A garment piece last no more than three months, especially when you keep washing it; and that’s not good for the environment.” Culp is a pioneer for the enviroment and the fashion industry that will not go unnoticed, from her eccentric designs to her focus on being eco-friendly, Georgia Culp is a force to be reckoned with.Although the RelevancECOlogy event was focused on the preserving the enviroment and creating masterpieces out of recyclable goods, Culp has the ability to make grand designs with minimal material, i.e. paper and hot glue, imagine the designs she can create with the proper fabrics.

Georgia Culp is open and available for your next customized garment, created with the consumer in mind of course. Contact Orlando Fashion Designer Georgia Culp for your next beautiful fashion piece; contact information below.

  • Get Connected with Orlando Fashion Designer – Georgia Culp:
  • E-Mail:
  • Social Media: @justgeorgiagirl

Make way to Coastal Georgia for Weekend Sessions

Step onto The Rose Carpet as we made our way to Hinesville, Georgia on Friday, June 22nd, for Weekend Sessions at The Liberty County Performing Arts Center with Bernard Rose and The Weekend Sessions Band, along with special guest performances. Weekend Sessions is a bi-monthly event that takes place in the military town of Hinesville, Georgia. The events began about two and a half years ago when creator and saxophonist Bernard Rose decided to take cultural matters into his own hands and create Weekend Sessions. “We don’t have a lot of regular cultural, arts, music events outside of the events that the city does,” explained Rose in a sit-down interview with CEO of The Rose Carpet Media Group, Kelaiah Rose. Following through on a dream that he had for many years, Bernard Rose took matters into his own hands and created Weekend Sessions, “…We don’t really have a consistent event in this area, so one of my dreams was to make a consistent event of this nature available to the public that they could come to.”

Weekend Sessions mainly focuses on musical talents from a multitude of genres to include Jazz and Blues, just to name a few, from many talented musicians from the community. Every event features Bernard Rose, better known as The Satin Sax, along with the Weekend Sessions Band. Carl Hudson and Tony Royster Sr. graced the Weekend Sessions stage accompanied by Willie Keith Milner, for providing the audio sound.  This month’s event showcased local talent Mr. Percival Williams of the Tybee Island area. Specializing in guitar and piano, vocalist Percival Williams took over the show with some of his original songs from his debut album “Heaven & Earth,” as well as showcasing some cover songs of great classics such as “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. You can catch local artist Percival Williams playing throughout the local community at many local clubs and churches throughout the Savannah, Georgia region. Mr. Williams is not the only artist who has graced the Weekend Sessions stage, often times a well-known national artist will also take part in this amazing local event. Although Weekend Sessions is a local event, Bernard Rose is no amateur to the music industry. Releasing his first album “Shorebreeze” in 2011, Bernard Rose was astonished by the feedback he received from many of the industry’s most influential key-players, to include making it through multiple rounds of the prescreening process of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Following his debut album, Rose released a Contemporary Jazz/Gospel album entitled “Faith, Inspiration, & Praise Vol. 1,” as well as his newest single release of “City Ways.” Although Rose has been focused on bringing more music and cultural diversity to the Coastal Georgia area, he has remained focused on releasing a third album within the following year.

Weekend Sessions [6.22.18]
Percival Williams & Bernard Rose pose for photos after their June 2018 Weekend Sessions performance
Weekend Sessions is continuing to grow and expand through word of mouth and social media since the very beginning, as there is no hope for this festive event to come to an end any time soon. It is the hope of the Weekend Sessions creator, Bernard Rose, to eventually expand Weekend Sessions to the point that it reaches festival capacity and becomes a local festival for the Hinesville, Georgia local community. Many concert goers have been to more than one Weekend Sessions event and look forward to the ones to come in the future, “I just want to emphasis that this event was class, class, class. If you want to go out, really eat, dress-up, take your significant other out, or just to a really nice place, this is what you were waiting for,” says Mr. Percival Williams, this month’s headliner of the June 2018 Weekend Sessions events.

Since the start of the Weekend Sessions events there has been nothing but positive reviews and excitement surrounding the event. Creator of the Weekend Sessions festivities explains what it takes to turn an idea into an event such as Weekend Sessions, “Have a clear focus about what there is they are trying to accomplish and do, and pretty much have a strategic plan about how they’re going to accomplish it and get it done.” The importance of planning when starting any new venture is very important he further explains; not that problems and unwarranted issues won’t appear, but with proper preparation you will better be prepared for when these unexpected occurrences happen. “Plan, have something that you can be good and successful at because you have some expertise to do it.”

While Rose plans to continue to expand the Weekend Sessions platform, he does so with the community in mind. At each and every Weekend Sessions event, Rose and his team is able to allow individuals throughout the community to either sponsor the entire event, or showcase their goods and services by being a part of the vendors’ selection. Vendor tables allow for local entrepreneurs, as well as artist who participate in the Weekend Sessions event the ability to sell items from their business. Those who are interested in becoming a vendor or a sponsor of this event are asked to reach out directly to the Weekend Sessions team at (912)484-6320 for more information. It is very important to continue to have this event in Hinesville and allow it room to grow says Rose. Recently, Rose and his Weekend Sessions team have decided to branch out and incorporate sponsors for each and every Weekend Sessions event. The benefits of having businesses and individuals throughout the community shows just how much music can be a pioneer to banding this rich community together for an event that benefits the entire county.

The Weekend Sessions festivities don’t end here, continue to be a part of the Weekend Sessions lineup by staying connected with the Weekend Sessions Facebook page. Still can’t get enough of Weekend Sessions and the musical selections of Bernard Rose, say no more! Check out more from Satin Sax Here!


Live from the Florida Music Festival 2018 stage with The Rose Carpet Media Group

The final day of The Florida Music Festival 2018 was beyond amazing and did not disappoint.


Step onto The Rose Carpet with local Orlando artist at The Florida Music Festival 2018 in The Wall Street Plaza.The Florida Music Festival 2018 festivities continued through the weekend as we ventured to The Wall Street Plaza in the heart of Downtown Orlando to see many performances on the main stage of FMF18! With music, you can freely let go and that is exactly what each artist at the FMF18 did. The beauty of this festival, is that it is composed of many different musical talents and genres; from Hip-Hop to Pop and Americana, the musical talents at this years festival was not an amateur night at the Apollo, that’s for sure!

On Saturday, May 12th, The Florida Music Festival 2018 concluded in the heart of Orlando Florida in the Downtown Wall Street Plaza.

Composed of two main stages to host various musical talents, The Wall Street Plaza was an amazing conclusion to an eventful weekend of performances and so much more. Join Kelaiah Rose of The Rose Carpet Media Group as we make our way through various performances, as well as exclusive interviews with Aveda Institute Orlando, as well as musical talents such as Madison Spencer, Yiyah Culture and many more!

The Florida Music Festival 2018 is all about the world of music, from up and coming artist who are taking on the industry by storm, to seasoned veterans in the industry like Disco Donnie, who has spent over 25 years in the festival music industry on the promotions side of the events. IMG_0479See how FMF18 has given new, up-and-coming artist, a opportunity to  perform for hundreds of people and experience a musical festival that can only be found here in Orlando. When it comes to festivals, it’s mostly about the love of music and the diversity of genres, but what’s a festival without fashion? Thanks to the students at Aveda Institute Orlando, there was plenty of room for fashion to blend with the love of music. Check out what all took place at The Florida Music Festival 2018, and be sure to check out what other events you may have missed throughout the FMF18 weekend, only on The Rose Carpet.

Can’t get enough of The Florida Music Festival 2018? We have you covered, find out more about FMF18 now:

Florida Music Festival 2018

Overload on Music at FMF 2018

From Rags to Fabulous, meet Georgia Culp on The Rose Carpet

If there are two things that can do no wrong in a womans world it would be food and personality, and Ms. Georgia Culp embodies them both with her “RelevancECOlogy” designs. Found on one of our favorite social media apps, Instagram, Georgia has a niche for fashion design that is unmatched; see how she takes unwanted food packaging, as well as other items, and makes them into beautiful gowns and dresses.

Georgia Culp will be showcasing her recycled collection at the Science Center, 777 E. Princeton Street Orlando, Florida 32803,in Orlando,Florida on June 2nd at 7:00p.m., and the designs will be on display until August. This eccentric event will also include poetry, a puppet parade, along with plenty of art and sculptures. For more information about this event, as far as details and ticket purchasing Click Here! Stay tuned with The Rose Carpet Media Group to find out more about Ms. Georgia Patlan and her collection with a full interview coming soon, Only on The Rose Carpet!Georgia Patlan Designs